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How do we do it

Remarketing allocation

Find your strategies

Most people are looking for a solution to their problems on the Internet (what to present, how to buy that, where to go out, where to relax). Your company, understanding who its potential customers, selects target methods and formats to communicate with your audience. It may to be image placement or commodity, aimed at getting to know the products. It might also be remarketing placement, aimed at repeated and consistent communication with a potential buyer and return him to the desired stage of the funnel.

Different product pictures

Find your targeting

Modern users are multi-channel. They use different platforms like desktops and mobiles. Travel often or vice versa they move only in their GEO zone. They all can to be your potential customers. Help them find you among millions offers from competitors and support communication through the display of advertising creatives and periodic reminders of yourself. Increase coverage and do not limit your business to your place actual presence.

Cross-platform support

Find your scripts interactions

All users visiting sites make consistent taps on information on pages, thereby building actions around their desires, preferences and interests. Build the right communication with your users and help them make this interaction beneficial to both parties.

Targeting setup

Customize your goals

Track key interactions with visitors to your site. Experiment by doing A / B testing of your UX / UI design, test hypotheses of better achievement of key goals, finding those results that satisfy you by using dynamic cost metrics of achieving goals.

Focus on audiency

Find your audiences

Improve your performance with targeting and filter variations and the integration of very well thought-out Yottos pixel, that allows you to run your campaigns more efficiently and more productive, by selecting the target audience.

Focus on audiency

Landmark on myROAS

We’re ready to help you, sharing the desire to achieve your goals and providing strategy development services, selecting the right user interaction scenario, creating creatives, conducting advertising campaigns, analyzing and post-analyzing your indicators. Contact us for this.

Focus on audiency

XML shopping flexibility

Automate the process of communicating with your customers using YO-MARKETING. Technology allows the store to communicate quickly with potential customers, build relevant scripts and always keep concerned user aware of the availability of the demanded goods, current discounts and current promotions. Use predictive remarketing to increase conversion from 30 - 70%, by advertising only popular products.

Focus on audiency

Real time statistics

Help your potential customers by paying attention to the behavioral data displayed in real time statistics. This will allow you to quickly adapt. and make the right decisions.

Focus on audiency

Intuitive interface

Find the functions you need quickly and easily, working with data in tables, and save the information, that is most important to you. Customize your dashboard and enjoy the ease of work.

Focus on audiency

Customized solutions for Fortune 500 customers

Yottos solutions are useful for most companies, but the market requires big business be a pioneer in finding unique new solutions and we with our ideas and Yottos technologies can be useful for your business.


Interesting and useful features

Block effects

Manage your budget and pricing

Flexibility and ease of setup and distribution budgets will allow you to focus on the primary tasks, by setting them up manually or automatically

Individual design

Highlight remarketing

Pay more attention to the user, highlighting creatives with products that he was previously interested in your store. Thus, you will return the user on the interrupted conversion path.

Individual color scheme


Tell users not only about their products and services, but also work on your brand awareness and loyalty.

Block rotation

Pictures from different angles and variations

Show all the variety your suggestions. This way you will tell them more about your product and increase their interest in it further. This will increase the target audience's response to your ads.

Block ratings

Support for various devices

Your creatives will always be displayed correctly on various devices thanks to adaptability of blocks.

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